Our Heroes endure so many trials during their journeys and having a tangible piece of personalized bravery helps. Our kids can battle anything!​

Through the help of many local loving and talented quilters our dream began to come true and Heroes all over they began receiving their capes. We are forever grateful for our "Cape Fairy's" that provide bravery for our kids during their scariest moments in the hospital or traveling for appointments. 



Financial strain is one of the biggest obstacles our Hero families face in raising a child with a life threatening medical condition/s. Many resources will NOT cover prescriptions, medical equipment, utility bills, house or rental payments etc. 

Wichita's Littlest Heroes seeks to fill in the gaps of local resources by giving families what they need most, cash assistance to fill in the typical missing income because of medical diagnosis. 

This assistance is made possible because of

Beach Family Foundation

and donors like you!Thank you for making this program possible for sick kid families! 


To send a thank you note to our financial assist. program please send an email to


*Financial Assistance Policy*

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In the last 3 years WLH has adopted out over 160 families to generous community sponsors and individuals who provide "Hope for the Holidays". Without our giving community many WLH families would go without and we are grateful to all for creating such a big IMPACT!

Every October, families who will truly be struggling to afford Christmas for their family have the opportunity to communicate that need to WLH. WLH does their best to find families and businesses to adopt those families for Christmas. No guarantees but we do our best. Hero families, SIGN UP HERE. If you are interested in sponsoring this program please contact our office at office@wichitaslittlestheroes.com


Ladies, Moms, and Nanas, If you are interested in participating click here for more information.

The Secret Sister group was created out of love by Hero Mom Shila Ward to bring our “WLH Hero Moms” together and to help remind each other that while we are medical parents, we are still women and individuals. It was a smashing success and are currently working as a team to continue building upon Shila’s original dream as she continues to build the SS program.

​To learn more about Secret Sister please email 


Being in the hospital undergoing going treatments, having surgery or fighting a medical battle is hard!

Staff and trained volunteers with background checks will bring a hospital bag to your Hero full of Hope.


Let us know when your scheduled visit is and we will do our best to come by based on availability of staff and volunteers.



WLH Zoo/Museum passes are

available to our families for FREE or as little as $1 a person all year long because of partners and sponsors! Families are able to relax outside the hospital and spend quality time creating family memories they may not otherwise afford to have. 

  • Exploration Place

  • Botanica

  • Sedgwick Co. Zoo

  • Aviation Museum

  • Tanganyika

  • Museum of World Treasures

2019 Membership Usage 

Exploration Place:  835 Individuals, 153 Families

Tanganyika:          872 Individuals, 150 Families

Zoo:                   1009 Individuals, 180 Families

Aviation Museum:  104 Individuals, 18 Families  

World Treasures:   237 Individuals, 46 Families

HERO PARENTS: Please reserve your spot and send membership usage fees ($1/person EXCEPT BOTANICA), to office@wichitaslittlestheroes.com via PayPal.

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Our free "Meet and Greets" happen all month long in many different ways. We host over 50 events every year. Our events range from small gatherings to over several hundred. All families are welcome and all events are of course...FREE!!!

Smaller Events:

  • Small Family Outings

  • Education Classes

  • Parent's Night Out

  • Parent's Small/Support Groups

  • ICT Teen Titans (TEENS ONLY!)

BIG Events:

  • Summer LUAU

  • Fall Fest at Applejack pumpkin Patch

  • Christmas Extravaganza 

Image by Joshua Hoehne


Request to join our parents' Facebook group!



We all know as parents that we put ourselves last, and we have learned that families seem to function better if parents have had a break and feel supported.

Wichita's Littlest Heroes hosts Mom's Day Out and Dad's Day Out where our parents can come together and share their journey's in a fun environment! What a difference a fun day out with friends can make!



Their FREE Beads of Courage journey begins when each child is first given a length of string and beads that spell out their first name. Then, colorful beads, each representing a different treatment milestone are given to the child by their professional health care provider to add to their Beads of Courage collection throughout their treatment. 

On behalf of Wichita's Littlest Heroes and sponsors we provide art-therapy  in Honor of Addison Adams and all our Hero Angels.

They will never be forgotten. 

The tangible art therapy tool gives our Heroes the opportunity to share with other's where their medical diagnosis journey has taken them!

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Parents! If you are interested in participating click here for more information.

We have designed a program just for our Heroes ages 13+. We know our older Heroes have a completely different set of needs and hurdles to overcome ourside of a life threatening medical diagnosis. Highschool, relationships, hormones, body image issues are just a few of the many struggles our families are facing daily. 

WLH seeks to provide a platform of unity and refuge fir these teens by providing fun free meet up's that allow our teens an environment where no alone! For more informatoin or to sponsor this program, please contact brianna@wichitaslittlestheroes.com



Provides laptops, phones, and more for those who need it!

M-F OFFICE HOURS: 10:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M.
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