Thank you so much for your love and compassion throughout the year and the love that is given to our Hero and our family. From carepackages for our family, outing passes, family pumpkin patch in the fall and mom's nights outs, and a memorable Christmas! Thank you to all the hands that provided and helped make our family much stronger this year!   - Hero Family

By getting WLH financial assistance for our family meant our electricity staying on, food in my kid's belly, natural gas to heat the house and to cook our food. It meant a little less stress in my world. - Hero Family

There are times, more than not that I just sit in my room and break down and cry because I am so overwhelmed. Things have been so rough and it seems that every time that they get tough Wichita's Littlest heroes are there to save my family. At times, you are our only extended family and we couldn't make it without the love and support of people with compassion like you. - Hero family


Partners of Hope

$10,000 sponsors a large event such as our Christmas event

Avengers in Action

$5,000 will sponsor a large

Allies in Impact

$2,500 provides 1 month of financial assistance

Sidekicks of Strength

$1000 sponsors a parents night out event

League of Love

$500 sponsors 1 WLH family for a year of events

Heroines of Healing

• $150 provides 5 hospital bags 

• $35 provides 1 new member bag including t shirt 

• $10 provides 1 new member t shirt 

**Event sponsors are acknowledged on social media, by banner display, and are given opportunity to volunteer at events.  For more information on how you can support   Wichitas Littlest Heroes please contact us at 316-354-3354

or email . **

M-F OFFICE HOURS: 10:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M.
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